And then there’s the billions of surveys conducted by e-commerce companies, asking you what you think of their web site. How does it look? After seeing the site today, do you plan on coming more or less often? Scale of 1-10: how was your experience? Here’s a question: who fucking cares? How is this going to help you make the really big, interesting changes that will make your website a pleasure to use?

So this is where behavioral user research comes in. …

by Nate Bolt

Ficou chocado? Então, não é tão chocante assim. Mas vale lembrar que muitas vezes fazemos as pesquisas de maneira errada com a desculpa de “é o que temos”. Como diz o pessoal da teehan+lax  But it’s like going to the zoo to study gorillas.

Até o NN/g alerta para esse erro.